About Southern Science Supply

Over 30 Years in Education

Our mission is to make science easy to teach and fun to learn. Southern Science Supply was started by retired teacher, Carol Espensen. Let us know how we can help you!



Growing up in rural San Antonio, I was surrounded by acres and acres to explore. Butterflies emerging, walking sticks, birds, snakes and more greeted me daily. My love of the outdoors and discovery began at an early age. When visiting family in Louisiana, I had new habitats to explore. I have fond memories of my grandfather, “Poppy” as I called him, walking me down to the bayou. He always told animated stories; one of my favorites follows. As we walked down to the bayou, he would say, “Do you hear that little bitty frog? Then in a high pitched voice he’d say, “toe deep, toe deep?” I’d nod, yes. “What about that one.” he’d ask. Then in a slightly lower voice he’d say, “ankle-deep, ankle-deep.” In a still lower voice he’d point and say, “That’s ‘knee deep, knee deep’ over there.” And in the lowest voice possible he’d croak “belly deep, belly deep” and then tell me about the biggest frog in the bayou. I’d giggle. And with that, my fascination with frogs began. My imaginary friend “Ed” was born, affectionately named after my grandfather. And, now, too, for “EDucation!“

So, how did I end up here? I began teaching in 1978 and retired in 2013. Always passionate about putting science in the hands of students, Southern Science Supply got started in 2012, and naturally, Ed came along for the ride. Today, he has lots of friends all over the USA!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make science easy to teach and fun to learn. We strive to engage students and build an intrinsic desire to learn and explore with our quality digital microscopes and other interactive and time saving products for all ages and interests.