Microscope Specimen Kits


For lifelong learners, a digital microscope opens up a world of possibilities to build creativity and curiosity as well as engage and excite minds of all ages. Digital microscopes are easy to use with tablets and computers and are a cost effective way to see what is virtually imperceptible to the naked eye.

These are just some of the reasons why Southern Science Supply’s collection of high-quality, durable digital microscopes are an essential tool in schools and homes across the country.

To accentuate opportunities for learning, Southern Science Supply has created an assortment of nearly a dozen specimen kits guaranteed to engage and excite. Each kit is designed for a specific age group and may include the following:

Unique, interesting, and authentic specimens are the focus of the themed interactive kits.

The STEAM Interactive Activity Books feature hands-on learning opportunities for students including discovery, compare and contrast, Venn diagrams, language arts, and art activities while working comfortably within the specific subject matter. A printed STEAM Interactive Activity Book is included with our four most popular kits.

Every kit includes a Resource Guide which provides background information on the individual specimens, lesson ideas, and factual information, and has been developed specifically for the adult, teacher, or lesson provider. These guides are available in PDF format and are easily downloaded using an exclusive link included in each kit.